Prostar Solar

Quality Control

At Prostar, we are committed to the production of the highest quality product for our customers.


Prostar Solar have implemented a range of quality management systems. And have been independently qualified for ISO9001 and ISO14001.


All of these efforts ensure that we achieve a high level of consistency in our products, and that our customers always receive product of the highest quality.

Prostar Solar Quality Control
Prostar solar professional device

Prostar Solar Energy is committed to being a global leader in the professional Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with high quality. 


Prostar Solar success depends on client satisfaction, which is committed to:

 - Outstanding service to our Customers

 - Excellence and recognition as one of the world's leading PV Solar providers

 - Innovation, quality and value in our products

 - World leadership in power protection

 - Provider of choice status for services to all power area


Prostar solar Quality Control System
Prostar Solar QC control

Prostar Solar QC

Prostar Solar QC


Quality is active and ongoing at Prostar. Prostar Solar Energy will accomplish this by the following top management commitments:

  - ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management system

  - Compliance with applicable national laws, regulations and standards.

  - Securing sufficient resources and efficient process

  - Maintaining, monitoring and improving the Quality Management System

  - Securing suitability and an appropriate number of suppliers.

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