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    Prostar Gel Battery 12V 26AH

    • Origin:Guangdong, China
    • Brand:Prostar or OEM/ODM
    • Model:GPG26-12
    • Size:165x176x125 mm
    • Weight:8.50 Kgs

    Prostar Gel Battery 12V 26AH for off grid solar system.

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    Prostar Gel Battery 12V 26AH

    Gel batteries offer reliable cold cranking (starting power) and maximum power supply with a superior cycling performance. The robust construction ensures the battery will continue to work through the most extreme conditions with a high resistance to vibration. They are exceptionally clean and safe to handle.
    The battery acid is fixed using gel, making the Gel battery completely leak proof, permitting the battery to be inclined to an angle of 180º.
    Gel batteries do not incorporate gas recombination technology, ensuring neither gas nor acid vapors are able to escape, making Gel completely maintenance free. A slow self -discharge rate, plus its capability of recovery after deep discharge, makes a Gel battery ideally suited for seasonal or infrequent use.
    Our Hybrid Gel batteries are basically valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries with a crossbreed of GEL and AGM technologies blended together. Aimed directly at the marine, recreational vehicle and solar market, this technology provides better service life, especially deep cycle life and high rates of discharge compared to standard AGM batteries.
    Prostar gel battery 12V 26AH
    Product Features

    1) Electrolyte Uniform Distribution 

    Gel series battery is manufactured with high-quality gaseous silica to make the electrolyte in uniform distribution.
    2) No Leakage
    Curdled gaseous silica used in Gel batteries can immobilize the electrolyte and make the plates react evenly.
    3) Longer Cycle Service Life
    Deep Cycle design (high-density active material and thick plates) & special 4BS lead paste technology prolongs the cycle service life.
    4) Excellent Deep Cycle Ability
    Unique grid alloys & special positive/negative lead paste formulations makes the battery perform excellent in deep cycle using and recover quickly upon over discharging and extend the float service life.
    5) Low Self Discharge
    Using high purity raw materials and gel electrolyte ensures Prostar batteries have less self-discharge.
    6) Environmental & Non-polluting
    Gas Recombination technology ensures the battery high seal reacting rate, which can prevent the acid fog from separating out.
    7) Safe & Reliable
    Efficient venting system automatically release excess gas when the pressure rises above the normal level & reseals the valves when it returns to the normal rate, which can protect the battery from bursting.
    Prostar Gel Battery Terminals
    One year warranty after the date of delivery.


    Payment Term

    Terms of payment is T/T or L/C. 30% deposit before production, 70% balance before shipment.


    Contact Information

    Contact Person: Mr. Orson


    Skype: orsonz.prostar

    Mobile: (+86)-13827733783 (whatsApp)



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    Prostar Gel Battery Specification


    Type Nominal voltage (V) Capacity
    Dimension(mm/Kg[(±5%)]) Terminal Layout
    Length Width Height Total Height Weight
     GPG24-12   12   24/10HR   166   126   174   174   8.10   T2   B
     GPG26-12   12   26/10HR   165   176   125   125   8.20   T2   B
     GPG33-12   12   33/10HR   196   131   155   167   10.5   T2   A
     GPG38-12   12   38/10HR   198   166   174   174   12.5   T2   B
     GPG42-12   12   42/10HR   198   166   174   174   13.0   T2   B
     GPG50-12   12   50/10HR   229   138   208   212   17.0   T3   A
     GPG55-12   12   55/10HR   229   138   208   212   18.2   T3   A
     GPG65-12   12   65/10HR   351   167   176   176   20.5   T3   B
     GPG70-12   12   70/10HR   260   169   211   215   22.5   T3   A
     GPG80-12   12   80/20HR   260   169   211   215   24.5   T3   A
     GPG90-12   12   90/10HR   307   169   211   215   27.3   T3   A
     GPG100-12   12   100/10HR   331   174   214   219   30.0   T4   B
     GPG120-12   12   120/10HR   407   174   210   233   34.0   T5   A
     GPG150-12   12   150/20HR   484   171   241   241   44.0   T4   A
     GPG160-12   12   160/10HR   532   206   216   221   49.0   T4   C
     GPG180-12   12   180/10HR   532   206   219   221   52.0   T4   C
     GPG200-12   12   200/10HR   522   242   219   224   60.0   T5   C
     GPG220-12   12   220/10HR   522   242   219   224   62.5   T5   C
     GPG250-12   12   250/10HR   521   269   220   224   70.0   T5   C


    Tag:  gel battery gel battery 12V 26AH solar gel battery

    Prostar Gel Battery Applications

    • Communication Systems: Switch, Microwave Stations, Mobile Base Stations, Data Centers, Radio and Broadcasting Stations
    • Power Plants & Power Transmission Systems
    • Solar & Wind Power Generation Systems
    • Signal System & Emergency Lighting Systems
    • EPS & UPS Systems

    Tag:  gel battery gel battery 12V 26AH solar gel battery

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    Tag:  gel battery gel battery 12V 26AH solar gel battery