• Solar Street Light 20W

Prostar PSL020 best price all in one led solar street light 20W

Solar Street Light 20w | 12V | Monocrystalline Solar Panels 50W 18V | Battery 12V 17AH | Dimension: 960x310x45mm

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Prostar best price PSL020 all in one led solar street light 20W presents a perfect and cost effective solution for street and general area lighting application including: Roadways, Pathways, Parking Lots, Parks and military installations. It is low power consumption and long life span, the all in one led solar street light 20W is an excellent choice as compared with traditional lamps.
With the development of LED technology and batteries, the volume of the lighting source or batteries has been greatly reduced. This makes it possible for the street lighting luminaires to integrate light source, sensor, solar panel and battery into one. Additionally, its installation and transportation costs are reduced dramatically. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, global warming and the energy crisis, more and more countries, especially countries and governments with long hours of sunshine, gradually began to pay attention to the use of solar energy.

Product Features

  • Innovative all-in-one structure– simple and easy installation, requiring no wiring
  • Combination of various control schemes (the introduction of human body, time control, light control, smart control, remote control) to achieve the most efficient use of resource.
  • A guarantee of 80% lumen maintenance even at the end of 50,000 hours of operation. This LED range offers a number of environmental advantages over other types of lighting. They contain no mercury and longer component fixtures life, means less waste.
  • Precise design, no useless material surplus, maximize the use of solar energy to make the size lamp, 100% utility ratio of area.
  • The DOE estimates rapid adoption of LED over the next 20 years can eliminate 258 million metric tons of carbon emissions.
  • Installation is very easy, only need tighten two screws, save ship cost of lamp arms, you can make it in local.
  • Really for the sake of customers to save every cents (our company con offer widely used in new countryside road, housing estate, garden or villa, scenic area, park and public load lighting.

All in one LED solar street light production

Product Benefit

1. Smart All-in-one

Professional industrial design team, combination solar panel, light source, controller, battery as one. It’s convenience to purchase, ship, install, and easy to maintain.

2. Price Ratio

0 electricity fee, not need extra wire, high conversion rate, it can light with sunshine, automatic charge and discharge.

3. Smart Technology

Third generation military induction technology microwave radar. Have the pattern to track the moving object for adjusting the light brightness. It is more energy-saving and humanized.

4. Power Charge

Intelligent battery protection, ultra-large capacity lithium battery, ultra long endurance, safe and reliable, the maximum cycles up to 30,000 times.

5. High Tech Design

Embedded micro computer control system provides intelligent control of charged discharge, this makes the whole system running more efficient and energy-saving. Intelligent high luminous efficiency LED beads.


LED products are made using a total of 20-25% (by weight) post consumer recycled Materials. Seventy percent (by weight) of LED components are aluminum castings and extrusions that are readily recyclable. Corrugated packaging is 100% recyclable.

Solar Street Light Structure

All in one LED solar street light

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    Model PSL020
    Rated LED Power 20W
    Rated Voltage 12Vdc
    Dimension 960x310x45mm
    Weight 10.50 Kgs
    Panel Power 50Wp
    Panel Voltage 18V
    Panel Type Monocrystalline
    Panel Lifetime 25 Years
    LED Chip Bridgelux Chip
    LED Light Source 3535LED / 30pieces
    LED Light Efficiency 130LM/W±10LM
    LED Light Luminous 2000-2600LM
    LED Light Color Temp. 3000K-6500K
    CRI RA>70
    LED Light Material 6063 Aluminium
    LED Light Lifespan More than 50,000 hours
    Battery Capacity 17AH
    Battery Voltage 12Vdc
    Battery Type LiFePO4
    Charging Time 6 hours under sufficient sunshine
    Discharging Time 3-5 rainy days, 12hours per night
    Suggested Mounting Height 5-5.5m
    Suggested Mounting Distance 18m for one-side road lighting; 33m for both-side road lighting
    Sensor Function Time sensor, Light sensor, Infrared sensors, Mobile APP control
    Lighting Mode 100% bright lighting infrared motion sensor + 50% lighting before midnight and 30% lighting till dawn (energy saving mode to prolong backup rainy days)
    IP Rate IP65
    Humidity 0~90% RH (Non-condensing)
    Operating Temperature  -30℃~+60℃
    Manufacturer Warranty 2 Years
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