Hybrid Inverter

Prostar MIS10KW 3 phase hybrid bi-directional solar inverter 10kW 48v

During night time or power failure, Prostar hybrid bi-directional solar inverter 10kW 48v will automatically extract power from battery. In this way, it will reduce the dependence on the utility.

Prostar MIS Plus 5KW single phase hybrid solar inverter 5000 watt 48v

In comparison with grid-tie inverter, MixSolar hybrid solar inverter is able to not only feed-in power to grid but store solar power to battery for future usage and directly power to the loads.

Prostar MIS Plus 3KW hybrid bi-directional pv inverter 3000 watt 48v

MixSolar hybrid Bi-directional pv inverter can save money by using battery energy frst when PV energy is low. Until battery energy is low, will extract AC power from the grid.