deep cycle battery

A deep cycle battery is a lead acid battery designed to provide sustained power over a long period and run reliably until it is 80% discharged or more, at which point it needs to be recharged. It is important to note that although deep cycle batteries can be discharged up to 80%, most manufacturers recommend […]

Lead Carbon Battery

New ‘Lead Carbon’ batteries threaten to revolutionise the off-grid battery storage industry.A Lead Carbon battery is an evolution of the traditional, tried & tested, VRLA AGM lead acid technology. In a Lead Carbon battery, carbon is added to the negative plate which results in a much longer life. In fact, the added carbon gives the […]

Gel Battery Datasheet

December 16, 2020 Download

A gel battery is very similar to a traditional lead-acid battery with the addition of silica to the electrolyte to create the gel like substance. Gel technology is a type of VRLA battery where the liquid electrolyte is suspended in a fumed silica gelling agent causing it to partially solidify. The gelling agent offers superior […]

AGM Battery Datasheet

December 16, 2020 Download
what is agm battery

AGM battery has very low internal resistance, is capable to deliver high currents on demand and offers a relatively long service life, even when deep cycled. Best agm battery is maintenance free, provides good electrical reliability and is lighter than the flooded lead acid type. While regular lead acid batteries need a topping charge every […]