150ah deep cycle battery

Prostar long life mf 12v 150ah deep cycle battery for household backup

Deep Cycle Battery | 12V 150AH | Sealed | Maintenance-free | Dimension: 484x171x241x241mm

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Prostar long life mf 12v 150ah deep cycle battery is a lead battery designed to provide sustained power over a long period and run reliably until it is 80% discharged or more, at which point it needs to be recharged. It is important to note that although deep cycle batteries can be discharged up to 80%, strongly recommend not discharging below 45% to extend the life of the battery.

Maintenance free sealed 12v 150ah deep cycle battery is an inverse correlation between the depth of discharge (DOD) of the battery and the number of charge and discharge cycles it can perform; with an average “depth of discharge” of around 50% suggested as the best for storage vs cost.

150ah deep cycle battery

Sealed mf 12v 150ah deep cycle battery is such a battery where electrical energy can be stored as chemical energy and this chemical energy is then converted to electrical energy as and when required. The conversion of electrical energy into chemical energy by applying external electrical source is known as charging of battery.

Features of 150AH Deep Cycle Battery

1) Longer Cycle Service Life

Deep Cycle (high-density active material and thick plates) design & special 4BS lead paste technology prolongs the cycle service life.

2) Excellent Discharging Ability

Radial grid design & tight assembly technology ensures an excellent high-rate discharge performance.

3) Excellent Deep Cycle Ability

Unique grid alloys & special positive/negative lead paste formulations makes the battery perform excellent in deep cycle using and recover quickly upon over discharging and extend the float service life.

4) Low Self Discharge

Using high purity raw materials ensures the battery has less self-discharge.

5) Environmental & Non-polluting

Gas Recombination technology ensures the battery high seal reacting rate, which can prevent the acid fog from separating out.

6) Safe & Reliable

Efficient venting system automatically release excess gas when the pressure rises above the normal level & reseals the valves when it returns to the normal rate, which can protect the battery from bursting.

Construction of Deep Cycle Battery

deep cycle battery construction

How to Assembly Battery

deep cycle battery assembly

Deep Cycle Battery Performance Characteristics

Battery Performance Characteristics

Battery Terminal

Battery Terminal

Battery Applications

  1. >> Cathodic protection, which might include marine use
  2. >> Other marine use, especially on a sailboat lacking power generation capability, generally smaller vessels
  3. >> Trolling motors for recreational fishing boats
  4. >> Industrial electrically-propelled forklifts and floor sweepers
  5. >> Motorized wheelchairs
  6. >> Off-grid energy storage systems for solar power or wind power, especially in small installations for a single building or motorhome
  7. >> Power for instruments or equipment at remote sites
  8. >> Recreational vehicles
  9. >> Traction batteries to propel vehicles, such as golf carts, and other highway electric vehicles
  10. >> Traffic signals
  11. >> Uninterruptible power supply (‘UPS’), usually for computers and associated equipment, but also sump pumps
  12. >> Audio equipment, similarly to a UPS but also in certain ‘clean power’ devices to supply clean DC power isolated from the public electric supply for inversion to AC to maximize audio signal reproduction

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    12v 150AH Deep Cycle Battery Datasheet


    Nominal Voltage12V
     Nominal Capacity (20 hour rate)150Ah


    10 hour rate (13.5A)135Ah
    5 hour rate (23.9A)119.5Ah
    1 hour rate (83.2A)83.2Ah
    Internal ResistanceFull Charged Battery 25℃≤4.0mΩ
    Capacity affected by Temperature

    (10 hour )

    40℃ (104°F)102%
    25℃ (77°F)100%
    0℃ (32°F)85%
    -15℃ (5°F)65%

    25℃(77°F) Capacity

    after 3 month storage90%
    after 6 month storage80%
    after 12 month storage62%
    Charge (Constant Voltage) 25℃(77°F)FloatInitial Charging Current Less than 30A

    Voltage 13.6-13.8V

    CycleInitial Charging Current Less than 30A

    Voltage 14.4-14.9V

    Discharge Constant Current per Cell (Amperes at 77°F25°C)


    Discharge Constant Power per Cell (Watts at 77°F 25°C)