• Off-grid Solar Inverter Working without Battery Bank
    Prostar PowerSolar VMII off-grid solar inverter can directly convert DC to AC with no grid and no battery, because many people want to dodge the high cost of battery by using a direct converted electricity from panel.
    Prostar Solar manufactures all kinds of solar panels power range from 30Wp to 500Wp, choosing your durable, affordable PV solar modules from Prostar in Foshan, China.
  • Hybrid Bi-directional Solar Inverter Working
    Hybrid solar inverter is a great option for pairing a new solar energy system with battery backup resilience.It not only can feed power into the grid but also use free solar power help you save electricity bill.
  • An inverter simply converts the DC voltage to an AC voltage, including power inverter, on grid inverter, off grid inverter and hybrid solar inverter.
  • Prostar Portable Solar Generator
    Multifunctional and multipurpose portable all-in-one solar power system to meet your various needs. Keep Your electricity safety, and power You up at ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

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About Prostar

Guangdong Prostar New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (named as Prostar) is Chinese leading manufacturer of power quality and energy solutions for the industrial, resident and commercial sectors. Prostar is an enterprise jointly invested by the U.S., Taiwan and Mainland China with more than many years for manufacturing and trading experience.

Since the company’s foundation in 1998, our product line has grown steadily in response to technical advances and market needs. Today, it encompasses uninterruptible power supply (UPS), emergency power supply (EPS), dc to ac inverter, photovoltaic solar panels, solar charge controller, storage batteries, solar power system and more.

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