Single Phase Online UPS

Prostar PHT1101B single phase 1kva online ups with battery inside

High Frequency Online UPS 1KVA | 24Vdc | 220Vac/230Vac/240Vac @50Hz/60Hz | Built-in 2Pcs 12V 9Ah batteries | Dimension: 282x145x220mm

Prostar PHT1102B high frequency online ups 2kva with battery inside

High Frequency Online UPS 2KVA | 36Vdc | 220Vac/230Vac/240Vac @50Hz/60Hz | Built-in 3Pcs 12V 7Ah batteries | Dimension: 397x145x220mm

Prostar PHT1103B inbuilt battery double conversion online ups 3000va

High Frequency Online UPS 3KVA | 72Vdc | 220Vac/230Vac/240Vac @50Hz/60Hz | Built-in 6Pcs 12V 9Ah batteries | Dimension: 397x145x220mm

Prostar PHT1106B single phase ups power supply 6kva built-in battery

High Frequency Online UPS 6KVA | 192Vdc | 220Vac/230Vac/240Vac @50Hz/60Hz | Built-in 16Pcs 12V 7Ah batteries | Dimension: 369x190x688mm

Prostar PHT1101 pure sinewave high frequency 220v online ups 1000va

High Frequency Online UPS 1KVA | 36Vdc | 220Vac/230Vac/240Vac @50Hz/60Hz | Without battery inside | Dimension: 397x145x220mm