Rechargeable Battery

Prostar GM500-2 deep cycle vrla 2v 500ah agm battery cost

AGM has very low internal resistance, is capable to deliver high currents on demand and offers a relatively long service life, even when deep cycled.

Prostar GM600-2 long life 2 volt 600ah agm battery price

The short answer is that AGM stands for "Absorbed Glass Mat," which is a specific type of lead-acid battery.

Prostar GM400-2 rechargeable sealed lead acid battery 2v 400ah

The rechargeable batteries are lead-lead dioxide systems. The dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte is absorbed by separators and plates and thus immobilized.

Prostar GM300-2 agm sealed lead acid battery 2v 300ah

Batteries are safe, but caution is necessary when touching damaged cells and when handling lead acid systems that have access to lead and sulfuric acid.

Prostar GM200-2 long life lead acid battery 2V 200ah

Lead acid battery has seen significant advances that have helped to meet the growing storage requirements of electric power regarding reliability, duration, maintenance and cost.