Prostar PIL1.5K pure sine wave 24v 1500 watt inverter for home use

DC to AC Power Inverter | 1500W | 24Vdc | 220Vac/230Vac@50Hz/60Hz | Surge Power: 1500W

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Prostar PIL1.5K pure sine wave 24v 1500 watt inverter for home use does not produce any power, the power is provided by the DC source. Its comprehensive LCD display offers user-configurable and easy-accessible button operation such as battery charging current, input/output voltage and frequency, and acceptable input voltage based on different applications.

Pure sine wave 24v 1500 watt inverter changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), it is built-in isolation transformer can be applied to the worst working environment.

The inverter is built-in smart battery charger allows for you to use your existing grid power to maintain a charge on your batteries.

Prostar dc to ac 1500 watt inverter is capable of producing 110Vac/120Vac/220Vac/230Vac. It will work virtually anywhere in the world, with the ability to auto detect 50 or 60 hz.

1500 watt inverter

  Product Features & Benefits  

1. Advanced all-digital control

Power Inverter with CPU control, all the operational parameters of Inverters are controlled by the CPU, ensuring the Inverter is in the best working condition. Improved the accuracy of the product parameter, ensured full compliance of product performance, the product failure rate effectively reduce.

2. Intelligent Charger

Built-in smart charger, with TOP charge type (charging type of high current at the initial, and balanced type and floating type alternating charging), shorten the battery charging time, extend the battery life, and it is suit to the areas of high rate power cut.

3. Wide input voltage range (110V-300V)

Interactive structural design, low frequency type program, with superior shock resistance. To satisfy the demand for different type of load, this might be widely used in household, commercial, industrial, outdoor base station.

4. Special Protection method

7000 Series takes muti-level protection mode of output, which could resisit the impact effectively, and also with the short circuit protection function, which could enhance its reliability.

5. Well unattended function

When the main power is abnormal, the battery will supply power instead till low-voltage appeared, and then UPS shut down; when the main power come back, the UPS will start working automatically, and it will charge for the battery at the same time. No need to turn on the UPS manually.

6. High Efficiency and Energy Saving

When AC power is normal, the inverter is under dormant status, the main power through the built-in voltage regulator (AVR) directly to supply power to the loads, and its efficiency is as high as 98%. Therefore it is called “Green UPS” which in full compliance with the spirit of low carton.

7. Auto restar while AC is recoving

8. Excellent microprocessor control guarantees high reliablility

9. Boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization

10. Cold start function

11. LCD panel for comprehensive display

You can clear see some parameters on LCD, like input/output voltage, frequency, charging voltage, charging current, etc.

12. Adjustable charging voltage and charging current

You can choose different charging voltage (13.0v – 14.2V) and different chargig current (12A – 60A) for different type batteries to guarantee the battery lifetime.

 System Structure 

Power Inverter connect to Solar Power

solar power inverter

A typical power inverter device or circuit requires a relatively stable DC power source capable of supplying enough current for the intended power demands of the system. The input voltage depends on the design and purpose of the inverter. Examples include:

  • 12 V DC, for smaller consumer and commercial inverters that typically run from a rechargeable 12 V lead acid battery or automotive electrical outlet.
  • 24, 36 and 48 V DC, which are common standards for home energy systems.

 Product Details  

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    Model PIL1.5K-12 PIL1.5K-24
    Rated Power 1500W
    Voltage Range 100V/110V/120V/127AC or 208V/220V/230V/240VAC(+25%,-36%)
    Frequency Range 50/60 Hz±2.5Hz Auto
    AC Voltage Regulation 100V/110V/120V/127AC±0.5% or 208V/220V/230V/240VAC±0.5%(AC Mode±10%)
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz±0.5Hz Auto(AC Mode±2.5Hz)
    Power Factor 1.0
    Surge Power 4500W
    Capable Of Starting Electric Motor 2HP
    Battery Efficiency 83%
    AC Efficiency 93%
    Transfer Time 8ms default, 4ms optional
    Waveform Pure Sinewave
    Battery Voltage 12VDC 24VDC
    Floating Charge Voltage 13.6VDC 27.2VDC
    Overcharge Protection 15.0VDC 30.0VDC
    AC Charge Current 5-25A Adjustable (25A default)
    Battery Reversal Optional
    Output Short Circuit AC mode:Jump fuse, Inverter mode: Shut down
    Overload Full load 100%, Inverter alarm. Overload 120%, Inverter shut down output in 10s. Once the load back to normal, Inverter recover output.
    High AC Voltage Turn off AC,turn to Inverter mode automatically
    Low DC Voltage Inverter shut down automatically,Once the AC recover, Inverter turn on and charge automatically
    Over Temperature Power Off
    Humidity 15~93%(No condensation)
    Temperature -10℃ ~ 50℃
    Altitude ≤3000m
    Communication USB, RS232/485, SNMP (Optional)
    Dimension, DxWxH (mm) 455x266x206
    Net Weight (Kgs/PC) 16.0
    Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.

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