Prostar 20kVA to 300kVA Modular UPS system

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Mars Series Modular UPS uses high efficient online double conversion technology, and the efficiency can reach 94.5%. And it’s seamless integrated with the latest data room designs, which is a high-reliability redundant scalable modular UPS systems.

Mars Series Modular UPS system with extremely flexible architecture, and it’s power modules using online hot-swappable design, which can easily be removed, installed and maintained when the system is running, but without affecting system operation and output, which made the investment plan comes true according to the requirement. Which could both to meet the user extended equipment needs at later period, but also reduce the initial purchase cost.

Mars Series Modular UPS provides 20KW and 30KW power modules and two kinds of cabinets system, the user can be flexibly configured according to the load demand. The single cabinet can achieve maximum capacity up to 300KW, and provide 2 kinds ups system of 90KW and 120KW, which could be with built-in battery modules, for users choose easily.

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