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Clay tile roofs dominate the landscape across all over the world. They look great, are part of Spanish culture, and can last a century. However, they can be a pain in the butt for solar panels installation to work with. Until recently, solar panels installation on clay tiled roofs has been a more expensive and […]

Prostar Solar will take part in the Solar PV World Expo 2020 on Aug. 16 – Aug. 18, 2020. As one of the largest and most influential PV trade shows in China Solar PV World Expo 2020 ( PV Guangzhou) is South China’s biggest solar PV exhibition, which has been held for 11 years. The […]

Prostar Solar will take part in China HOMELIFE Nigeria 2019, China Homelife Nigeria is the most effective platform for leading Chinese companies seeking to do business in Nigeria. Buyers are guaranteed the best quality products and a wide variety of suppliers to choose from at the show. Prostar Solar Booth information is below: Booth Number: B105Date: 16 […]

Prostar Solar is gaining momentum around the world as more and more countries have begun transitioning to solar as a primal energy source. As the cost of solar energy has plummeted in recent years alongside major improvements in technical efficiencies and manufacturing quality, many homeowners are starting to look at solar as a viable alternative […]

If you’re looking for a promising career, and care about the environment, consider being a solar panel installer. As CNBC reports, the economy is projected to swell by 11.5 million jobs over the next decade—and a significant portion of this growth will come from the workers who assemble, install, and maintain solar panel systems on roofs […]

A new study shows that wind, water and solar generators can theoretically result in a reliable, affordable national grid when the generators are combined with inexpensive storage. Over the last few years, Mark Jacobson, a Stanford professor of civil and environmental engineering, and his colleague, Mark Delucchi of the University of California, Berkeley, have produced […]