48v 2000w pure sine wave inverter

Prostar PIR2K 3U rack mountable 48v 2000w pure sine wave inverter

Rack-mount Power Inverter | 2KW | 3U | 48VDC | 110V/120V or 220V/230V/240V | Single Phase

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Prostar PIR2K 3U rack mountable 48v 2000w pure sine wave inverter is a stand-alone inverter capable of converting a 48V DC power source into a pure sine wave AC output.

It mounts neatly and out of the way on racks but will automatically switch from your local electric utility to your backup batteries when city power fails during storms or power outages are caused by other factors.

Prostar rack-mount inverter selection runs the gamut. From 300W 12VDC inverters and 4000W 48V DC inverters, we have you covered. Rack sizes include 2u and 3u.

Prostar Rack-mount Power Inverter

Rack-mount power inverter technology

3U rack mountable 48v 2000w pure sine wave inverter produces high-quality, pure sine power at a stable 110V/120V or 220V/230V/240V AC output that is ideal for running sensitive electronics. It is perfect for computers, telecom, audio/visual, medical and other important equipment. Another way to better secure your critical loads.

A built-in automatic transfer switch seamlessly transfers power from your city service to your battery backup bank when city power goes out, with a typical transfer time of less than 8 ms. As long as your battery backups provide sufficient voltage, the telecom 48 volt rack mount power 2000w pure sine wave inverter will provide steady power to your devices.

AC outlets give you easy access to AC power. DC terminals are on the back of the inverter for connecting to battery power. The front of the inverter has a LED monitor and LCD display that lets you track input DC voltage, output AC voltage, frequency and AC current. A communications port allows you to monitor these numbers via computer as well.

Features & Benefits

1. Excellent microprocessor control guarantees high reliablility

2. Intelligent charger with adjustable charging voltage and charging current

3. Wide input voltage range (110V-300V)

4. Special Protection method

5. Well unattended function

6. Auto restart while AC is recovering

7. Pure Sine Wave Output

8. Boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization

9. Cold start function

10. LCD panel for comprehensive display

Diagram 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Rack-mount power inverter diagram

Inverter Details

Rack-mount power inverter details

Rack-mount power inverter LCD display

Rack-mount power inverter display icons

Rack-mount power inverter rear detail

Inverter Smart Charger

Rack-mount power inverter smart charging

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Technical Data of  2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Model PIR2K
Rated Power 2000W
Voltage Range 100V/110V/120V/127AC or 208V/220V/230V/240VAC(+25%,-36%)
Frequency Range 50/60 Hz±2.5Hz Auto
AC Voltage Regulation 100V/110V/120V/127AC±0.5% or 208V/220V/230V/240VAC±0.5%(AC Mode±10%)
Frequency 50HZ/60HZ±0.5HZ Auto(AC Mode±2.5HZ)
Surge Power 6000W
Battery Efficiency 81%
AC Efficiency 93%
Transfer Time 8ms default, 4ms optional
Waveform Pure Sinewave
Battery Voltage 48VDC
Floating Charge Voltage 54.4VDC
Overcharge Protection 60.0VDC
AC Charge Current 0-40A Adjustable (40A default)
Battery Reversal Optional
Output Short Circuit AC mode:Jump fuse, Inverter mode: Shut down
Overload Full load 100%, UPS alarm. Overload 120%, inverter shut down output in 10s. Once the load back to normal, inverter recovers output.
High AC Voltage Turn off AC, turn to inverter mode automatically
Low DC Voltage Inverter shuts down automatically, once the AC recover, inverter turns on and charges automatically
Over Temperature Power Off
Humidity 15~93%(No condensation)
Temperature -10℃ ~ 50℃
Altitude ≤3000m
Communication RS232(default),USB, RS485, SNMP (Optional)
Dimension, DxWxH (mm) 483×420×132 [3U]
Net Weight (Kgs/PC) 26.00
Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.